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Almost 200 individuals took part in the 6 th episode of the Aggie Ps Talk 5.0: AgriCOOLture
Youth Champions facilitated by the National Crop Protection Center (NCPC) on 17 June

The episode featured Ms. Eva Mae Nares, Millenial Farmer Vlogger and Mr. Joshua Aragon,
CEO of Zagana.

Ms. Nares began vlogging in 2019 to inspire the younger generation to pursue farming and
to break the stigma surrounding the industry.

During her talk, she underscored the role of the Millenials and the Gen Z in achieving food
security in the country and in uplifting the agriculture space. She cited the Millenials’ and
Gen Z’s youth, curiosity towards technology, and strong desire to make a positive impact as
crucial factors to achieving these goals.

Mr. Aragon, on the other hand, talked about his start up business Zagana, an online platform
for fresh produce sourced from local farmers.

According to Mr. Aragon, Zagana currently helps 13,000 farmers and caters to 150,000
households in the country. “Our main mission here is to uplift lives using technology by
bridging the gap between food producers and consumers,” he said.

The Aggie Ps Talk 5.0: AgriCOOLture Youth Champions is an online series conducted by
the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) to inspire young people to venture into
agriculture. Previous episodes may be viewed at the CAFS Facebook page and Youtube

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