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Ms. Nikole Ma. Nimfa Seno Alicer Kazemi, farmer-founder of Kalipayan Natural Farm in Pulilan, Bulacan served as the resource person during the third episode of Aggie Ps Talk v7 which was held on 30 September 2021 via online platforms.

The episode, which was co-hosted by the College of Agriculture and Food Science (CAFS) and the National Crop Protection Center (NCPC), is part of the 7th season of Aggie Ps Talk which is all about empowering women for food secured future. 

Ms. April N. Alviar, Deputy Director of NCPC, delivered the opening remarks for the webinar. She expressed her hope that activities such as the Aggie Ps Talk will bring forth appreciation of the crucial role of women in society and will inspire women to take up more space in agriculture.

During the talk of Ms. Kazemi entitled “Farm to Family: Bequeathing Indigenous Knowledge”, she shared that the Kalipayan Natural Farm was born out of an insight on the importance of nutritional food and a longing for provincial lifestyle.

Natural farming took center stage in her presentation as she attested to its benefits in yield, soil fertility, environmental sustainability, and cost based on the experiences of the Kalipayan Natural Farm. She then encouraged the participants to plant their own food and underscored the importance of investing in good food for oneself, one’s family, and the future generation.

Ms. Kazemi also presented the products and services of the Kalipayan Natural Farm. Aside from fresh produce and food products, they also offer farm experience to their guests, heritage dishes through their restaurant, as well as farm development through partnerships with other groups.

She also said that due to the pandemic, they have started offering “Soil of the Earth Kits” in their bid to bring natural farming to homes. Through this kit, people can learn the basics of natural farming.

During the open forum, Ms. Kazemi addressed the questions of the webinar participants. When asked about the challenges encountered when she founded the farm, Ms. Kazemi said that she has faced challenges with farming techniques, including pest management and soil improvement. However, these were addressed upon reaching out to the Department of Agriculture and the University of the Philippines Los Banos.

She further shared that the challenges that she faced in founding the farm did not discourage her. “I always see challenges as also entry points for innovation,” she added.

In closing the program, Ms. Romalene A. Limpiada, head of the NCPC Public Service Division, encouraged the participants to not forget the values, traditions, and indigenous knowledge of our ancestors. She also urged women to share their narratives. “Let the stories of great women be known, let your stories be heard, and let us be part of the history,” she said.

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