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Last March 22, NCPC held an in-house webinar for the Administrative
and REPS staff to re-echo the “Corrections in Stating Success
Indicators and Targets and Using Standard Rating Matrices per Task.”
Mr. Daniel Y. Alcaide, Administrative Officer IV at NCPC served as the
resource speaker.

The webinar aimed to review the procedures on the proper and
effective statement of SMART Success Indicators (SIs) and Targets;
to use Standard Rating Matrices in measuring Performance Measures
per task; to identify common errors in formulating SIs, Targets and
Rating Matrices; and to plan and develop uniform and standard
statements of SIs and Targets and Standard Rating Matrices per task
to be used in accomplishing all Targets and Ratings for Office
Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) and Individual
Performance Commitment and Review (IPCR).

Questions were entertained after the presentation of Mr. Alcaide.

The supervisors received the matrices to be revised before the
webinar. Submission of the revised matrices within NCPC is on March

Text and photo: RA Limpiada


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