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NCPC Conducts Early Year-End Review and Planning

(first published at AGG-CAFS, October 2019 issue)


The National Crop Protection Center conducted a 2-day year-end review and planning on October 24-25, 2019.  The activity aimed to:  1. come up with comprehensive 2019 accomplishments in research, public service and administrative functions for evaluation and inclusion in the 2019 Annual Report. 2. identify impacts of research and public service on target clients and on Philippine agriculture and 3.  identify visions and concrete plans of NCPC in research, public service and administrative section for the next five years.


Division heads presented accomplishments and plans during the review, highlighted by research development and future expansion of services.


 Deputy director Melvin Ebuenga, head of the Plant Biosecurity Division aimed to develop science-based approaches to safeguard important crops from pest and disease threats

by Identifying and prioritizing R & D areas for research;  Improving utilization of developed technologies, facilities and capabilities and strengthening collaboration with national and private agencies.


In the long run the division plans the following:

  • Establishment and management of Biological and Digital Repository of Pest and Diseases
  • Diagnostics Laboratory for important Plant Pests and Diseases
  • Modelling and forecasting laboratory for pest risk assessment and disease outbreaks
  • Development of mobile apps for pest and disease identification; advisory and Decision support systems (DSS)
  • Development of Community-based plant pest and disease forecasting and early warning systems
  • Development of ecological-based, environment friendly crop protection technologies and mechanisms
  • Mandate provide safe crop protection technologies and minimize the use of pesticides that will contribute in attaining compliance to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), food security and enhanced competitiveness in international food trade


Dr. Pablito G. Gonzales,  head of Pest Management division envisions:

  • Upgrading of Laboratories and Screen Greenhouses
  • Modernization of Molecular of Laboratory
  • Strengthening Biological control Researches
  • Strengthening Semi Chemical Researches
  • Exploring Nano-Technology on the use of Bio-pesticide
  • Commercialization of biological control agents


Approaches for these visions will be done through: Biological control agents, Ecological/behavioural approaches, Biotechnology, Selective and less persistent pesticides, Integration of different control tactics and other techniques such as Survey and collection;  Pests/Disease diagnosis and Monitoring


Mr. Eric John Cruz, head of Pesticide Management Division envisions NCPC to be a major center for pesticide research in Asia contributing to national food security while minimizing risks to human health and environmental sustainability through the judicious use of pesticides.  Key areas of the realization of this vision are:


  1. Pesticide Residues
  2. Pesticide Resistance Management
  3. Risk Assessment and Risk Communication
  4. Botanical Biopesticides


The division targets to acquire specialists in Agricultural Chemistry, Entomology, Biotechnology/Biochemistry, Environmental Science;  further the division has an upcoming patent-related specialization and they hope to acquire– Plant Pathology, Weed Science, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology


Mr. Gideon Aries S. Burgonio of the Technical Support and Advisory Services Program (TechSASPRO) lined up the achievement of the following in the coming years:


  • Annual insect pest and disease diagnostics training
  • Annual updating on commercial pesticides, Biological Control Agentss and pest management practices
  • Biannual protocol and customer service training
  • Facility for development and mass production of BCAs


Ms. Ruby G. dela Cruz, head of the Public Service Division outlined the following long term plans for the division:


  • Conduct of globally competitive trainings through collaboration with international stakeholders; reecho international trainings; produce international graduates
  • Apply for accreditation as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provider
  • [RA 10912]
  • Utilizing platform to digitalize the training system
  • Assigning of writers/communicators per division to collaborate with CAFS and OPR- UPLB
  • Assigning Seminar Series coordination alternately to each division including Administrative section
  • Transforming the Plant Health Clinic into a one-stop destination for visitors and clients (in collaboration with TechSAS Pro)
  • Creation of “HOW TO” AV materials to be uploaded in the website or webpage
  • Exploring and planning ONLINE seminars (webinar)
  • Establishment of an INFORMATION CARAVAN


Mr. Daniel Alcaide, Administrative Officer,   emphasized  Strategic Performance Management System for NCPC administrative personnel and stressed the salient points on:

  • Review of existing performance management system
  • Formulate strategic approach to performance improvement
  • Develop the linkage between individual employee performance and the organizational performance through SMART objectives.

                                    S – specific      

                                    M- measurable

                                    A- attainable

                                    R – relevant

                                    T – timely

He also underscored that Important points to be considered such as:  aligned duties and responsibility stated in the Position Description Form (PDF) of personnel are reflected to the IPCR together with the duties % distribution.

Measures used in the performance evaluation are:

  • Quality
  • Acceptability
  • Meeting Standards
  • Client satisfaction with services rendered
  • Accuracy
  • Completeness or comprehensiveness of the report


Dr. Gil Magsino, NCPC director, was generally impressed with the outcome of the accomplishment reports and planning and promised to do his part by expediting some envisioned programs before his term ends in year 2020.   


(RG dela Cruz with reports from: MD Ebuenga, PG Gonzales, ED Cruz, RA Limpiada, GAS Burgonio and DY Alcaide/ Photo by:  PM de Chavez)



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