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A 2-part webinar series conducted by the National Crop Protection Center (NCPC) on 16 and 23 November 2021 through Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube, delved on the management of onion armyworm (OAW).

The first part of the series featured discussions from NCPC personnel. The topics covered were the biological studies of onion armyworm by Scientist Marcela M. Navasero, harabas monitoring and advisory system by Mr. Gideon Aries S. Burgonio, and botanical and microbial control of OAW by Ms. Melissa P. Montecalvo.

The second part featured talks about insecticide resistance management by Ms. Karen P. Ardez of NCPC, quality and safety assessment and postharvest behavior of onion grown under integrated pest management program against OAW by Ms. Daphne Cassandra H. Gonzales of the UPLB Postharvest Horticulture Training and Research Center, and cultural management practices to reduce OAW by Mr. Rolando V. Pagaduan, Jr. of the Central Luzon State University.

During the open forum, participants were allowed to ask questions to the resource persons. One of the questions during the first episode was about the steps undertaken by NCPC to inform the farmers about the use of botanicals and microbials against OAW. Ms. Montecalvo shared that NCPC conducts learning activities such as webinars and comes up with publications and IEC materials in order to share research results to a wider audience.

Among the questions during the second episode was whether pesticides that are being used for OAW can also be used in the management of fall armyworm. This was affirmed by Ms. Ardez, particularly in the case of the new insecticides that she has presented.

An NCPC webinar on the management of FAW is already in the works for December 2021.

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