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Administrators and Division Heads

Barbara L. Caoili, Ph.d.

UP Scientist III
Insect Pathology
Office: Directors’ Office

April N. Alviar

Deputy Director
University Researcher III
Plant Biosecurity Division 
Plant Pathology
Office: Room 210
Laboratory: Virology Laboratory

Gideon Aries S. Burgonio

Head, Division I
University Researcher I
Plant Biosecurity Division
Laboratory: Precision Laboratory

Marita S. Pinili, PhD.

Head, Division II
University Researcher III
Pest Management Division
Plant Pathology
Office: Room 206
Laboratory: Nematology Laboratory

John Juluis P. Manuben

Head, Division III

University Researcher II

Pesticide Management Division 

Agricultural Chemistry – Pesticide Chemistry

Office: 218

Laboratory: Pesticide Toxicology & Chemistry Laboratory

Romalene L. Miras

Head, Division IV

Unversity Extension Specialist II

Public Service Division

Weed Science

Office: 202

Laboratory: Weed Science Laborotary

Daniel Y. Alcaide

Head, Administrative Service Division

Administrative Officer IV

Office: Director’s Office

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