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NCPC celebrates 47th anniversary

NCPC celebrates 47th anniversary

The National Crop Protection Center (NCPC) held a 4-day celebration of its 47th founding anniversary on May 22-25, with the theme “Fast Forward: Resilient Crop Protection Solutions towards Sustainable Food Systems.”

NCPC Advisory Board convenes

NCPC Advisory Board convenes

The National Crop Protection Center (NCPC) Advisory Board convened on March 23 at the NCPC Auditorium to talk about the Center’s accomplishments and to discuss its research, development, and extension plans and priorities.

What We Offer


These are pest management technologies developed by the Center to address specific pest and disease problems in various crops or agricultural situations in the country.   

Services and Laboratories

NCPC has a program that provides technical support and advisory services. Some of the components of this program are Quick Response Services and Plant Health Clinic wherein we provide pest and disease diagnosis, pest and natural enemy identification, and specific IPM recommendations.

We also have the following laboratories that may later offer services to the clients:

Biological Control Laboratories
Bacteriology Laboratory
Entomology Laboratory
Molecular Laboratory
Mushroom Laboratory
Mycology Laboratory
Nematology Laboratory
Pesticide Toxicology and Chemistry Laboratory
Vertebrate Laboratory
Virology Laboratory
Weed Science Laboratory
Precision Crop Protection Laboratory


In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition




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