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(L) Sci. Montecalvo receives the 2023 ISSAAS Young Scientist Award. (photo by RLMiras)
(R) Sci. Navasero receives the Mentorship Award. (photo by MPMontecalvo)

The International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) recently awarded Sci. Melissa P. Montecalvo, a career scientist and university researcher of NCPC, with the 2023 ISSAAS Young Scientist Award during the ISSAAS International Congress and General Meeting 2023, which was held from November 8 to 10 at the Acacia Hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The congress theme for this year was “Integrated Management of Southeast Asian Agricultural Landscapes.”

Along with Sci. Montecalvo, Dr. Marita S. Pinili, Sarah Jane B. Manaday, Romalene L. Miras, and Mary Joy M. Lapitan presented oral papers. Sci. Montecalvo presented the paper, “Polyphasic Identification, Mass Production, and Virulence of Metarhizium rileyi from Invasive Armyworm Species with Potential as a Biopesticide for Armyworms.” Dr. Pinili presented “Multi-gene Sequence Analysis: A functional method in classifying phytoplasma causing leaf disease on selected cops in the Philippines.” Manaday presented the paper “Supervised Image Classification Using Machine Learning Classifiers Applied to RPA Imagery for Assessment of Gummosis Disease in Calamansi.” Miras presented the paper “Effect of Selected Insecticides and Herbicides on Growth and Sporulation of Entomopathogenic Fungi.” Lapitan presented the paper “White leaf spot: An emerging disease complexity in corn.” John Julius P. Manuben, a university researcher of NCPC, presented a poster titled “Increased Knowledge on Pesticide Use Through Farmers Training and Intervention.”

On the other hand, during the 17th PACS Annual Meeting and Scientific Forum held from November 16 to 17, another career scientist and university researcher from NCPC, Sci. Marcela M. Navasero received a Mentorship Award from the Philippine Association of Career Scientists, Inc. (PACS, Inc.). At the same event, scientists Montecalvo and Navasero presented a poster titled “Red-Striped Soft Scale: A New Pest of Sugarcane in the Philippines,” which they co-authored with other researchers from NCPC and the Sugar Regulatory Administration. (First published in the Aggie Green & Gold newsletter, November 2023 issue)


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