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Research and Extension at NCPC



NCPC is composed of four divisions with distinct research areas. Plant Biosecurity Division, Plant Pest Management Division, Pesticide Toxicology and Chemistry Division and Public Service Division. 

Division 1-  Plant Biosecurity Division utilizes historical information and harnesses the power of modern technologies to predict future pest trends and risks.

Division 2- Pest Management Division aims to provide safe crop protection technologies and minimize the use of pesticides that will contribute in attaining compliance to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), food security and enhance competitiveness in international food trade.

Division 3-  Pesticide Management Division- deals on the risk  of crop protection chemicals to include on monitoring of residues on crops, environmental fate and transport, ecotoxicology on non target organism, pesticide resistance management, among others.

Division 4- Public Service Division provides capacity building on pest identification, diagnosis, monitoring, and integrated crop management of Philippine crops to various stakeholders- farmers, researchers, LGU, and NGO technicians, students, and policy makers.

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