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Rochelle A. Quiñones

Rochelle A. Quiñones

University Researcher I


MS Genetics (Minor: Entomology) under DOST-SEI ASTHRPD Scholarship BS Agricultural Biotechnology (Specialization: Molecular Markers) granted with IRRI Thesis Scholarship

Specialization/Research Interests

Insect Genetics and Molecular Biology, Pest Genomics, Bioinformatics


Rochelle Quiñones is a graduate of BS Agricultural Biotechnology (2014) and MS Genetics (2021). During her undergraduate studies, she worked on the purification of a low-cost endonuclease for SNP detection purposes. Her graduate thesis delved into transcriptome-wide SSR mining and marker design for in-depth genetic studies of coconut scale insect. Ms. Quiñones had research involvement on the following projects: TILLING for Multiple Virus Resistance in Tomato, Post-Commercial Monitoring of Cry1Ab Resistance in the Asiatic Corn Borer (Ostrinia furnacalis) and Comparative Genomics in Armored Scale Insects (Aspidiotus destructor Signoret and A. rigidus Reyne). She has recently joined NCPC under the Plant Biosecurity Division to work on pest genomic and transcriptomic researches.

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