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On April 1, The NCPC Carrageenan Team in collaboration with SIGMATECH conducted an environmental testing and pilot testing of LI-COR Photosynthesis System. Said equipment will be used in the project “Field Verification Testing of Carrageenan Plant Growth Promoter for Enhanced Growth and Induced Pest and Disease Resistance in Rice and Corn” under the leadership of Dr. Gil Magsino. The event was a sequence of the training Advanced Photosynthesis Training Course using LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System held in Nebraska, USA sometime in November 2018 also attended by Dr. Magsino and Ms. Melissa Montecalvo.

Mr. Rick Garcia and Mr. Tim Dornbos from Licor oriented NCPC researchers on the use of Li-COR LI6800F. Also present in the brief seminar were Mr. Jun Horfilla of Hiltrading Company, Inc., Mr. David Tabada, Mr. Kayvees Surop, and Mr. Mike Ortiz of Sigmatech. LI-COR Biosciences developed the said instrument.

The event was a combination of lecture and field demonstration to show the actual use of the equipment. Ms. Montecalvo and Mr. Carlo Leo U. Cabral assisted in the field demonstration led by NCPC director.

Also present to witness the launching were staff from the College of Forestry and Natural Resources, (UPLB-CFNR) Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB), and DOST-PCAARRD. (RG dela Cruz/photos: PM de Chavez)

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